Skinny Scoop

Recently, I came across a new obsession.  And honestly, I don't need another social media site to spend hours a day on....and yet, here I am again. Two hours later and I am finally tearing myself away from my new favorite site.  Let me introduce you to SkinnyScoop.  It's addicting, and you have been warned.

SkinnyScoop is a virtual cheat sheet for everything!  It is an online forum where you interact with others by creating lists that showcase your favorite things.  I have already picked up some "must haves" by browsing through the myriad of lists on the site.  Oprah isn't the only one with favorites, and now SkinnyScoop is giving you the tools to share and be rewarded for what you know and love, or to take advantage of the passions and expertise of other women!  To join, simply click on this link and start building your lists. 

Here is a sample of one of my lists below.

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