Halloween Makeup Inspiration

Yesterday, I participated in a very fun Google+ Hangout session with Samantha Lim, Editor-in-Chief  of FashionIndie, Janna Mandell of Beauty Binge and Stacy Reid of TINte Cosmetics.  I was thrilled to work with all of these amazing ladies!  We put together a video of Halloween inspired looks in hopes to give some inspiration to anyone searching for a last minute costume. Janna did an adorable kitty kat with sultry black eyes, and Stacy showed how TINte cosmetics could help you achieve several different looks (I am currently obsessed with the sexy green goblin!).  

And me?  Well, I decided to rock out my old faithful 80's girl.  Seriously, this is my go-to costume when I am blank on ideas and in need of a quick, and fun outfit.  And, secretly, I am still in love with the 80's.  I used to ADORE my big neon earrings and bright pink Wet n' Wild lipgloss.  Ahhh, those were the days of excess and glory!

Below are the products I used to create the look: 

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