Reader Spotlight of the Month~

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*For this months reader spotlight, please welcome Huda Kaake*

Who is your beauty inspiration?
My beauty inspiration is Kim Kardashian. Her makeup is always on point. I'm a fan of smokey eyes!

What is your favorite beauty product?
My favorite beauty product is Clinique's Even Better Skin Correcting moisturizer! It quenches my skin's thirst when it needs it most.

If you were stranded on an island, what two makeup products would be a must-have?
Clear mascara and Vaseline lip balm.

Any tips or tricks in your beauty routine? Any tips that your mom/grandmother passed down?
One particular thing I still struggle with is tight-lining my eyes since they're so sensitive, but my grandma passed along a useful tip that could help me apply it better. She gave me this unique eyeliner she got from overseas, and it has a long, skinny applicator. What you do is place the applicator lengthwise on the inside of your upper lashes. Close your eyes, and swipe the applicator outward. Then you're done! My eyes are tight-lined in less than two seconds, and it doesn't hurt or make me sensitive. I thought it was a pretty clever trick! I might do a blog post on this one to better illustrate what I mean! :)

Favorite makeup brand
I have tons, but the one I've been using a lot lately is Maybelline!

What type of makeup products are you currently using?
Lately, I've been all about taking care of my skin, and less about what I put on it in terms of makeup. So I use my Clinique Even Better Skin Correcting moisturizer daily. I also use my Burt's Bees Citrus Facial scrub that I use to exfoliate prior to applying the moisturizer. I love the look and feel of my skin afterwards!

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