Reader Spotlight of the Month!


*For our first reader spotlight, welcome Lindsay!*

Who is your beauty inspiration?
Penelope Cruz

What is your favorite beauty product?
alima pure minerals blush in candy

If you were stranded on an island, what two makeup products would be a must-have?
sunblock and lip gloss

Any tips or tricks in your beauty routine? Any tips that your mom/grandmother passed down?

  • Don't wash your hair everyday, (thank you dry shampoo)
  • moisturize your neck when you are doing your face.
  • Wash your face immediately after working out.
  • Sleep with your hair in a scrunchie not an elastic, so you don't break your hair.

Favorite makeup brand
everyday minerals

What type of makeup products are you currently using?

  • everyday minerals foundation
  • it cosmetics bye bye under eye
  • lancome bronzer
  • it cosmetics bye bye pores
  • face stockholm eye fix base
  • alima pure minerals blush in candy
  • smashbox highlighter
  • ME eyeshadow in undress
  • d.j.v. beautenizer volume Lash mascara
  • By Terry black kohl eyeliner
  • Mirabella liplustre liner in bashful
  • Robbie Lip Gloss
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