Afrobella “Make Your Own Runway, Define Your Own Beauty”

 There are certain people who simply radiate.  The types of people who walk into a room, and fill it with warmth, and beauty.  To me, Patrice Grell Yursik of Afrobella is one of those very people.  Not only is her blog fantastic, but she inspires those around her to embrace their own, individual beauty.  

She recently spoke at the TedxTalks in Trinidad on the subject of Courage.  I have personally watched the video multiple times because it is inspiring, honest, and makes me want to find my own moments of courage.  The truth is that we all struggle with insecurity, and self doubt.  We all have those days when we can see our own beauty, or fight to believe in ourselves.  It is on those days that we have to remind ourselves to be brave, and keep trying.  I have often thought of Patrice on the days when I am frustrated with myself or feeling less than stellar.  I remember that every time I have seen her she just beams with self confidence and joy.  That is what makes her one of the most beautiful women I know. 

Here are some of the things she shares in the video:

  • Make your own runway. There is a wider world. Women like me exisit, and we deserve to be celebrated for who we are.
  • Courage comes from fear and struggle leads to growth.
  • Courage is looking inside yourself, and recognizing "I have things to say, I have a valid opinion, and I can't be the only one".
  • You can be who you are, and the world will respect you and appreciate you for your talents. You just have to have the courage to let it shine.
  • Live life with intent. I don't want to just let life happen to me. 


  1. Oh my goodness! I LOVED watching this. She is fabulous in every sense. I especially loved “make your own runway” and “living with intention.” Thanks for sharing!

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