Are We Killing The Kiss? The Art of Shaving

Kiss and Tell
Gillette s Social Experiment
I enjoy an attractive man with facial hair. During the week, Mike keeps his beard scruffy and even though I protested at first, I have grown to love it.  But apparently, FIFTY FIVE percent of women say that kissing a guy with facial hair has irritated or scraped their face - and that makes them not want to kiss! I have to admit, my face is not the biggest fan of Mike's stubble.They say beard burn, I say exfoliation. 

But seriously, let's talk about this. Do you think boys with facial hair, whether it's a 5-o-clock shadow or an homage to ZZ Top, are actually a threat to the art of making out? They need to learn better grooming skills!

Gillette, a renowned shaving products company, decided to research this matter further and made a hilarious mini-documentary about it, entitled "Are We Killing the Kiss?" They interviewed barbers, boys with facial hair, behavioral scientists, and everyday people to get their opinions and insights on this pressing matter.

If you like your man clean shaven, than I suggest supplying him with a great set of skincare and shaving tools for men. Below are some handy products that might make him want to keep the stubble at bay!

So, let me ask you ladies.....Does it matter whether or not your kissing partner keeps it clean-shaven, or will you only kiss boys who keep it a bit scruffy? 

You know where I stand.

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