Instant Egg White Face Lift

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Indie Lee’s Instant Egg White Face Lift: Create An All-Natural Face Lift at Home

Looking for a quick and easy way to tighten skin and freshen up before a big event? Indie Lee, founder of the all-natural skincare line Indie Lee & Co, shares one of her all-natural, at-home recipes for an instant face lift.

What you need:
· 1 cold fresh café free medium egg
· 1 Tsp of corn Starch

How to make it:
1) Separate the egg white and toss the yolk and shell.
2) Whisk egg whites and cornstarch together in a small bowl.
3) Apply to clean skin. Let sit for 20 minutes and rinse off.

*Indie Tip: "Make sure you are lying down or gravity will pull the mask downward. Also, as the mask hardens you will not be able to move your face."

Watch her create the mask on the video below: 

About Indie Lee: Indie Lee is a natural ingredients advocate, who has devoted her life to educating consumers on the dangerous contaminants that consume our lives. Following her recovery from a life-threatening brain tumor, likely caused by environmental toxins in food products and cleaning and skin care products, Indie left her corporate suits and lifestyle behind to re-dedicate her life to educating consumers on the hidden dangers of chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products. 


  1. Oh my! gross! This recipe from a beauty expert? really? Who in its right mind would want to splatter raw egg on its face which is known to contain tons of bacteria including E.Coli and Salmonella?? what kind of beauty treatment is this?? may I say severe acne infections and scars for everyone? sorry I’ll pass! Love your blog by the way!

    • Christina Farrell

      Lol! Well, I know it may seem gross, but it is actually a very old practice to use all natural (kitchen found) ingredients. Not for everyone though! :-)

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