Makeup Wars! Pamper Yourself At Home

 Let's face it, every once in awhile we all wish we could get away to a relaxing spa vacation and drown out the world with candles, massages, and facials.  Pure pampering goodness.  But, the truth is, not many of us have the time! 
Since I can't get away to an spa oasis, I have found ways to feel pampered at home with products that make me feel like I am in the spa for half the price, and half the time!  For this weeks Makeup Wars Challenge, we compiled a list of our favorite "spa at home" products and tips. 


 My first suggestion is to start your at home pampering in the shower by taking a few extra min and adding on some luxurious products to your normal routine.  First, utilize a face cleanser that works with the steam of your shower to give yourself a quick and super effective facial.  

Next, add in a deeply hydrating soap with Shea Butter and take a few minuets to loofah your body and truly give yourself a deep exfoliation. This is especially essential before self tanning! And one of my personal favorites to do is a deep conditioning hair mask.  Soak your hair in a softening mask and place it under a shower cap.  The heat from the shower and the cap will help the mask to work 10 times better! 

Another way to treat yourself to a pampering day at home is to create that "spa" atmosphere in your bathroom!  I am obsessed with Lavender candles that create a relaxing and calming atmosphere.  You will be amazed at how the essential oils from the lavender will instantly mellow you out.  I personally learned this from my time at Dantian Studio. I also keep an eye mask in the freezer that I can grab when my eyes are feeling puffy, or I just need a 10 min break.  I place the mask on my eyes, and lay back for 10 min and ignore the world.  I wake up looking...and feeling refreshed!   And you can't for the essential spa treatment, a face mask and mani-pedi.  This is one of my little indulgences when Mike isn't home (cause I look ridiculous when I am doing this!).  Find you favorite face mask, and wrap your hands and feet in socks and gloves that are moisturized.  Skin. Like. Butta.

All of these tips don't take up that much time, but can really help you feel pampered and grateful that you took those moments to care for yourself!

Want to know what the other beauty blogging goddesses use to create that spa experience at home??  Check below! 


  1. Oooh I want that eye mask!

  2. Great picks! This gives me a lot of ideas for my next at home spa day! Now I just need a baby sitter lol

  3. I love all your graphics – I feel like they are taking me away! I don’t think a spa day would be complete without an eye mask like the one you chose.

  4. What great product selections!!! Cute graphics too! :) I am so in the mood for a spa night now!

  5. We are hair masque twinkies!!

  6. OOooo a deep conditioning for my hair sounds like something I need NOW! Snow/cold is not good for hydrate hair!

  7. I forgot I had those gel hand mittens! I need a eye gel mask for sure!

  8. Calming Candles are a must! I can’t believe I forgot to mention a hair masque. I love your eye mask!

  9. What isn’t there to love about Leonor Greyl? I really need a spa day today!

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