Makeup Wars! My Favorite Cream Eyeshadows

This this weeks Makeup Wars we were asked to talk about our favorite eyeshadows....that aren't in the form of a shadow. Thrilled to say it is not a hard task, because as of late I have been going nuts to for shadow pencils, and creams. 

As I have gotten older my skin has become increasingly dry, and their are days when it makes my skin sensitive, which means that any type of powder product can feel itchy and uncomfortable.  That is why I have started using cream shadows more and more.  They glide on the skin, don't crease and have incredible longevity! 


Some of my favorite products lately have been the Smashbox Waterproof shadow stick, and the NARS chubby shadow pencil.  Both give me an incredible, sexy, smokey eye look that lasts forever and looks softer than your normal shadows.

Here are some makeup artist tips: 

  • Work with two colors.  My favorite combinations are a soft steel grey, and a deep navy or a light bronze and deep chocolate. 
  • Layer your colors and products. Because these creams are so moveable, you can blend your colors together easier.  Create your own custom color! I love blending Make Up For Ever Aqua Eye Creams shimmering pink with the shimmering bronze.
  • Graduate the colors from dark to light, keeping the darkest colors near the lash line.

Product Suggestions: 

What are your favorite cream products?  Any colors you love? 


  1. I love MUFE!!!

  2. MUFE wears like iron, I love em! Thank you for including tips on how to use cream products <3

  3. You reminded me how much I’ve been wanting to try the LM metallics!

  4. The LM Metallics are big favorites of mine. I love using them as a base. They bring out the best in so many eyeshadows.

  5. Wow, lots of love for the Jouer. I’ve gotta try one of those.

  6. I love the ease of the NARS chubby sticks, I just wish they wore better for me. :(

  7. Oooh, I forgot about the LM cream shadows, I’m so gaga over the Caviar pensils!

  8. I am going to have to try those LM Cream shadows!!!

  9. Great picks! MUFE pencils are amazing!

  10. Good tips! I am also loving MUFE eye products!

  11. Now I need to try the Smashbox Waterproof Shadow Sticks! I think those are the only one you mentioned that I haven’t tried.

  12. I would highly recommend you try the Chanel Illusion d’Ombre cream shadows. They have the most interesting texture and are very smooth and incredibly easy to work with! I love them because they are quick and easy and the colors are complex and multidimensional. Epatant, Illusiore and Diapason are some of my favorites. I want New Moon from their new collection. They are pricey, but I think they are worth it. If I had to keep only one type of eyeshadow, it would be these.

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