How to Do a Tight Line With Cream Liner

How to Do a Tight Line With Cream Liner -- powered by ehow

Tight line is one of those new techniques which can seem overwhelming, but in fact, is super simple and makes such a huge difference in the way that your lashes look thicker and your eyes open up.

  • You want a cream black eyeliner and a fine eyeliner brush. I prefer one that has a bit of a slant to it.
  • When you're doing this at home, just like you're applying mascara, you want to hold the eye very taut and look down towards your mirror.
  • The next step is you're going to push the cream eyeliner with the pointed brush, the tip pointed away from you and push the cream eyeliner into the lashes . This is where you'll get that tight line effect.
  • So, continue to push that cream eyeliner into the lash line base, all the way along the top lash line. The key is to make it seem as if this is the base of your lashes.
  • You're really just enhancing that base of the top lash line. This is an also a great technique 'cause a lot of times mascara can't get to those very bottom tips of the lashes. And if you have light colored lashes, you can see that difference between the black and your natural eyelash hair color.
  • So, by tight lining, you're really creating a thick look with that mascara.
  • Now, as you can see in the video above, I like to do it a little thicker on the ends, just to kind of finish off the look. You can move a bit upwards, but the key is to push that cream eyeliner into the base of the lashes.

Once again, remember, the tips to tight lining with cream eyeliner are to stay as close to the base of the lash line as possible in tiny little movements; you can even do it in tiny little dots if you like, staying as close to the lash line and the base and pushing it into the lash line to create that volumized effect.


  1. Wow!!! Thanks for sharing these tips. I sometimes experience having a hard time applying a liner so with the help of these tips and lots of practice, I think I can make that perfect look.

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