Pure Ice Nail Polish

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Pure Ice = Pure Fun!

by Sian Bitner-Kearney

Being a total product junkie, you can imagine my excitement when I was sent samples of the latest nail colors from Pure Ice. With summer creeping around the corner, I was hoping for some polish choices with long wear, bright color, and a hint of fun; enter Pure Ice nail polish!

I was sent a trio of colors to review: strapless ~ a sapphire hue with some serious sparkle, scream ~ a pastel blue with a hint of teal, and jackpot~ a bright pink that packed some serious shine. I applied jackpot to my toenails, strapless to my fingernails, and used scream as a French Tip to compliment the strapless hue. Here’s the low down on the product…

• Easy to apply ~ no clumps, no patches.

• Wears excellent ~ four days, several showers, and even a burnt nail on a curling iron and the polish stayed strong.

• Fast drying ~ seven minutes after applying the polish, I was able to do the pile of dishes in my sink and even switch out my laundry without ruining the polish.

• Bright and bold ~ these colors are not for the conservative at heart and this is not your mama’s polish! These colors definitely demand attention.

• Fun ~ these colors bring summer right to your fingertips ~ literally! They are easily applied individually, or can be combined to create an ombre’ nail or a French manicure, meaning three colors = countless looks!

Overall, I would definitely recommend Pure Ice and the colors, strapless, scream, and jackpot to anyone looking for a polish that goes beyond the norm of basic beige and redundant red. Try Pure Ice to express your personality, individuality, or simply just to wear something that’s flat out fun and fierce!

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