Weekly Beauty Tips and Tricks


by Erica Sun 

Date Look:
Impressive First Date
You are excited for your first date, so you want to look and dress to impress. You want to look like that beauty-next-door without overdoing yourself. Enhance your eyes with a dreamy bronzed smoky look. Finish off the look with a natural matte flush and soft pink-nude lips.

Wild Date
Going somewhere fun and colorful like amusement park? You can dress comfortably, but definitely play up your makeup colors to make you shine more vibrant and more vivacious than the rides themselves. Be bold and aggressive by pairing your juicy-raspberry stained lips with glittery electric blue eyes!

A Smoking Date
Whether you may be going clubbing with your girlfriend in attempt to hunt down your hot guy or you already got one hanging at your tips, you would want to make your statement out on that dance floor. Stand out by wearing shimmery bright gold and nude eyeshadow instead of the traditional cat eye smoky eye look. Going nude or light pink on your lips may make your lip look washed out at the club, so top off the look with a daring red or fuchsia color.

A Romantic Twist Date
Purple is one of those eyeshadow colors that looks good on just about anyone. Not a professional at makeup? No worries! If you go with a gradient purple look, mixing and blending some bright and deeper purple shades, you will look romantically cute. You will look so adorable that you might just be his dessert!

High Class Date
Entice your date with some remix of Hollywood glam. Mesmerize him as you walk down to meet him with those romantic mixes of pink and gold on the eye and tender, sexy red lips. However, make sure to be ready to catch him when he falls head over heels for you!

Lazy Date
Want to look like you have natural beauty when you go shopping at the mall or on a hike with your cute, hot date? A foundation can provide too heavy or full of a coverage on those occasions, so you may want to opt for a dewy finish with BB or CC cream. Use a BB cream if your skintone is more even, and a CC cream if you have huge blotches of red or discoloration that you want to fade out. You can choose to set the BB or CC cream with powder or not, depending on whether you want a dewy or more matte finish. Finish off with light natural eyeshadow colors that work best for your eye color and a rosy-tint lip color.

Battling Acne:
The Best Makeup for Acne Prone Skin
Many teens, college, and young adult girls struggle with acnes and covering them up. Want to achieve that flawless, airbrushed look Emma Watson has as you are flipping through her pictures in the magazine? Follow the tips and the warnings that are listed on the webpage for a better sense at what you should and should not look for in your makeup. Good luck!

Acne Coverage
Check this video out to see how this girl who struggles with a severe acne case put on her foundation. With the acne scarring and the redness of new acnes, it can be hard to cover it with one layer of foundation. Find a foundation that lays light but have a full coverage, so that when it comes to layering the foundation, you will not have a caked face.

Beauty is not just about your face or what you wear. It’s also about how you maintain your living and the healthiness of the rest of your skin—like your feet. Walking through the ruts of the street to work or working out that requires your feet can take a toll on the softness of your feet. With the rough, chapped skin creeping onto your heels, maybe it is time for you to reevaluate your time and squeeze in a me time at a local spa or with some DIY home remedy treatments. Shall we begin?

Pina Colada for Your Feet
Surprise…surprise! Aren’t you shocked to learn that pina colada is not only a tasty summer drink, but also a great foot exfoliator. Pineapple and coconut are both acidic and high in alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) concentration, which has been found to be a great exfoliator and moisturizer. After the soak, remove old polishes and take the time to create another new fun look.

Foot Heaven
Soaking your feet in a foot spa relieves the millions of nerves in your feet. Most times than not, soaking and massaging your feet in home foot spas is not only safe but effective in alleviating tired and aching feet. 

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