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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Grace Valerie, the newest talent that Randy Jackson has signed onto his record label. This powerhouse of a performer spoke with me on the phone and proved she is quite the beauty aficionado! She loves to use magazines as her source for beauty inspiration and believes that keeping the makeup and skincare routine simple is key...although she loves a great pair of false lashes, which she thinks can "instantly make a look!".We gabbed about her beauty routine when she is on the road for her tour,and the products she uses while rocking out onstage. 

Here are her favorite tips:

While traveling she relies on Leaine Dehmer products to keep her skin fresh, and clean after being on stage with heavy makeup. Her must have skincare products include the moisturizer, and scrubs.  "She always keeps my skin clean and I make sure to wash my face with her products every night while I am on the road" 

For makeup, she keeps it simple when not on stage. "Alittle mascara, and lip gloss keeps you fresh and looking pretty".  Her favorites include YSL mascara and Smashbox foundation base. 

Stage Makeup and Nail Art: 

When dancing around on stage, Grace relies on makeup that can last up to 12 hours. "Waterproof is key for anyone on stage" she insists.  She says that she relies on Smashbox cosmetics for her performances because they "help the skin stay even, it feels light, yet the makeup stays on throughout the entire performance".

When it comes to expressing herself through beauty, nail art is her favorite. "I love to play with different looks, colors, and Swarovski crystals" Her biggest tip and newest love is the use of "Caviar Nails", which are simple dots that easily apply on the nails and last for a week. 

The Artist Questionnaire: 

Best tips for busy women (3min)
· apply foundation (best for your skin type)
· use an eye brow pencil for a perfect shape
· use mascara
· put a little bit of blush on your cheeks ( peachy, pink, bronze)
· finish with lipgloss or lipstick

Three must have products:
· YSL mascara
· Smashbox foundation
· Leaine Dehmer skin breather

Holy grail product
· Leaine Dehmer moisturizer

Best advice from my mom:
· To always wash my face before going to bed.

Beauty trend
· Long sharp nails with cute design or Swarovski stones

Beauty trick to look more rested
· Use concealer under your eyes (lighter color then your foundation);
· Put some blush on your cheeks and use pink lipgloss or lipstick

Check out Grace and her latest single "When the Lights Go Down"

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