How to Do a Guy’s Makeup for a Photoshoot

Actually guys are very easy to do for a photo shoot!
The main things that you need to concentrate on is making sure that you have an oil controlled gel or cream or primer to stop any oiliness on the T-zone. This is where they tend to have the most shine. Once you've done that, then making sure that you have a concealer and a blotting oil control powder.
  • You want to make sure you are not putting on a lot of makeup.
  • You don't want them to look like they have makeup.
  • It's all about keeping it natural, making sure you are covering any blemishes or redness in the skin.

In the video above, I'm starting with a cream concealer made specifically for high definition cameras. That's actually very important because concealer made for high definition tends to be much more natural.

  • Use a concealer with a yellow toned base to it so that it helps to neutralize any redness in the skin. Men tend to have a lot of redness around the nostrils and the cheek areas.
  • If they have any redness under the eye, make sure to just gently put a little bit of concealer there. You don't want it to look like they have a lot of makeup on. Blending is key.
  • If they have facial hair, just gently put a tiny bit of concealer on any redness, really make sure the tiniest application possible. You do not want foundation on the facial hair.
  • For men that is the most important aspect of this application, blend, blend, blend.
  • Last but not least, you want to use a blotting and oil absorbing powder in the T-zone as your finishing touch, using a big fluffy brush and using a blotting powder.

As you can see, all men tend to get very oily in what we call the T-zone which is the top of the forehead and down the nose. So you want to concentrate your oil control and blotting powder in those areas. You can instantly see the difference. If they have any extra oiliness, just a tiny bit right there on the cheeks is all you need. 

All you need to do is concentrate on keeping the T-zone shine free and covering up any redness or blemishes they may have.

* I must note that the adorable model is none other than my love Michael, who was such a ridiculously good sport about this. A big thank you to him for letting me use him as a model, and attack his face with makeup!


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