Makeup Tips For Black Teens

Makeup Tips for Black Teens -- powered by ehow

The first thing is you really want to make sure of is that the skin looks even, fresh and really beautifully glow-y (I swear that is a word!). Once you have that down, everything else is cake. As you can see in the video above with our beautiful model, we made the skin look very even with a cream-base foundation that had a yellow and orange undertone. And then I used a highlighter concealer with a salmon undertone to kind of brighten it up and help her looking awake.

  • The rest of the makeup is kept really fresh and young
  • Use a nice deep berry blush with a hint of shimmer on the apples of the cheeks
  • A deep matte mahogany brown eyeshadow is a great alternative to your normal browns that can tend to look flat against darker skin tones.  I like to put this and press this right near the lash line. In the video above, I'm using tiny little motions, just pressing it in to the skin as close to the lash line as possible and then lightly feathering out.
  • A tiny bit of black eyeliner and mascara and a soft, neutral lip gloss make the look perfect.
  • As you can see in the video above, the cream foundation has an orange base to it. This is an amazing trick for black skin. It helps to liven up the skin tone and prevent it from looking ashy. Don't be afraid of these type of colors, they are actually exactly what you need to veer towards.
  • Now, when you apply it, you'll see it does look orange but, as you blend it, it will smooth and melt into the skin and prevent any ashiness. The color just melts right in, giving you a really beautiful caramel glow.
  • Next, use a light salmon-based concealer. The concealer and the powder that we'll be applying both have this orange base to them. The concealer goes on as a light salmon tone and will really help to brighten up any discoloration or exhaustion from all of those hardworking study hours.
  • If you have any other areas that you want to add extra coverage to, such as around the lips or the hairline, you can take whatever is left on your brush and blend it.
  • Next, a light dusting of a terracotta powder; you want to keep the skin dewy so don't overdo it with the powder, just in the areas that are a little oily (mainly the T-zone).

 So there you have it, some simple and easy tips for black teens that can make them look fresh, beautiful and give them the confidence to wear a little bit of makeup!

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