Top 5 Beauty Trends that Men Hate

Whether you like it or not, your man may not always appreciate your beauty adventures. I know every guy has his own pet peeves, but the following five are pretty much universal complaints. Of course, sometimes guys just don't understand, right?

Obvious or Heavy Foundation

When your foundation is so heavy that you can see the layers or the obvious line between your chin and neck, it's too much. Guys hate heavy foundation. They don't mind you covering up flaws, but they still want you to look a little natural at least.

Neon Colors

I may like neon, but men hate it when I put it on my face. Your face shouldn't glow in the dark and your guy doesn't think so either.

Ombre Hair

Men rarely say much about hair, but frankly, they don't understand ombre hair. From saying hair looked burnt to thinking a woman was simply trying to grow out a bad dye job, men don't find it attractive at all.

Bold Lipstick

Okay, so I'm ignoring this one myself, but guys are scared to kiss a girl with bold lipstick. They're always afraid they'll end up wearing it themselves. However, if the shade works for you, I say rock it anyway.

Strange Eyebrows

From weirdly shaped to extremely bushy to overly thin, men hate it when women start over styling their eyebrows. I've never been one for eyebrow trends, but even I'm a bit horrified when I see women with strange angular or almost non-existent eyebrows.


  1. Pretty sure that not one of the many guy friends I have plus my boyfriend cares enough about any of these things enough to have an opinion on them… EXCEPT for the whole wearing your lipstick thing for obvious reasons.

  2. Also “heavy foundation” is not a beauty trend. It’s a mistake

  3. When I saw the title of course I had to read it. I have ombre hair right now and I am pretty sure my husband hates it., lol!

  4. well it’s a good thing I don’t wear makeup to impress men

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