How to Give Yourself a Complete Rocker Makeover


Today's question is how to give yourself a complete rocker makeover. Well, as you can see, we've already done a mini rocker makeover with our lovely model creating exaggerated theatrical eyes with lashes, a deep black eyeliner and some glitter, but now I'm going to show you how to take it to that next level and really make it intense.

  • We're going to go over the black eyeliner with a deep black matte eye shadow that has a tint of blue in it to really bring out her blue eyes.
  • We're going to go very heavy with this and take this all the way around the eye.
  • Now, when you are using darker colors you want to make sure that you have a brush on hand to wipe away any shadow fall out.
  • The great thing about having the glitter underneath is that it shines through and adds a great depth to this eye look.
  • Next, I'm going to take a cranberry eye shadow and blend into this crease to really make sure it's getting that extra drama.
  • Cranberry eye shadow is a great way to add intensity to any smoky eye look.
  • Now, with an eyeliner brush go under the eye with that same dark blue eye shadow. It's a very pretty but still intense rocker look as you can see.
  • The great thing about this is you can keep adding more for whatever intensity you like. Now we're going to finish the other eye and then complete the look with a dark burgundy lip.
  • I'm going to add a dark, really beautiful burgundy color to complete this rocker look.

There you go, a complete rocker look. Remember to try different colors, burgundies, cranberries, deep black blues and play with it. As always, keep the base of the liner black and work from there.


  1. I love your “Cranberry eye shadow” idea and I will definitely try to do the same with my own makeover.

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