Red Carpet Triangle Eye Shadow Tricks

Today's question is in regards to red carpet triangle eye shadow tricks. It's a very simple technique to use and, as stated in the question, it's what a lot of people wear when they're walking down the red carpet.
In the video above, I'll show you how to get this look and it creates a beautiful smoky eye anytime you're going out.
  • I'm using a deep plum to enhance the already mauve tones on her eyes.
  • Now, what you want to do is with a tiny, fine eye shadow brush that is a pointed edge, start right near the middle center of the eye, along the lash line, and move towards the corner. That's the first part of your V; next create the second part of your V.
  • Start where the other line began and connect. If you have any eye shadow fallout, simply sweep it away.
  • The next tip is to really blend. I do this in tiny feather-like strokes. You want to make sure that the V is there to add definition but does not take away from the rest of the makeup. It's there to create the darkness and definition near the corner of the eye.
  • So, as you can see, it's just adding enough drama to the outer corners of the eye without overpowering. It's a great trick to go from day to night in one step.

Remember, to get the V look with your eye, you simply start here, make a line, start here, make a line. It's as simple as drawing a tiny V on the outer corner of your eyes and then don't forget to blend, blend, blend.



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