How to get max coverage without looking cakey


Today's question is how to get max coverage without looking cakey. Well, this is actually a question I get a lot because people who have any type of scarring or acne or uneven skin tone want full coverage but don't want to look like they are wearing a lot of makeup.

So, one of my number one tips is to look for products that are made for high definition cameras. These provide the most coverage while looking the most natural. I also prefer to use a cream base concealer/foundation. This gives you a lot of coverage and it's two products in one. I'll show you what it looks like in the video above.

  • The great thing about working with a cream foundation is that it's very buildable. The coverage can start off heavy and then you can sheer it out with your brush or even if you prefer your fingertips.
  • Now remember, when doing a full coverage foundation to not forget the neck. This is key. Because you are doing a fuller coverage foundation you want to make sure that the foundation looks smooth and that the skin is uniform.
  • The next trick once you've finished with your coverage is to use an illuminating translucent powder. This will really help to soften up the look of a full coverage foundation. I like to buff it onto the skin in circular motions. This also helps to blend while you are applying. Because the powder has an illuminating light reflecting quality to it, it's not going to look dry, matte or cakey on the skin. Look for the key words light reflecting and soft focus finish and that's it.

Remember to look for products that are made for high definition television or HD television and a powder that has an illuminating or soft focus filter quality to it and that will help you get the most coverage without looking like you are wearing a lot of makeup.



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