How to Have Beautiful Eyes & Sexy Lips


Today's question is how do I achieve beautiful eyes and sexy lips. Well, it's really easy. With beautiful eyes, you want to focus on a simple smoky look that's not too dark. You want to veer away from the blacks and the grays and instead focus on some beautiful maroons, bronze and plums. These colors universally pop out the look of the eye, and really look gorgeous and very sexy. I'll show you in the video above how the plum looks. As well, with lips you want to do a soft lip gloss that is a little bit darker than your natural lip color and gives you that perfect looking sexy pout. Let me show you how to do it.

  • We're going to use this matte deep plum which will blend well with the bronze colors that are already on her eye. Another great benefit of this is it's an easy way to take your look from day to night.
  • Next, take a little bit of that eye shadow that you were still using and bring it under the eye just on those outer corners. You don't want to take it all the way in or it will really look a little bit dark. So just by keeping it right here you give that tiny bit of sexiness and smokiness to the eye.
  • Next, you want to use a nude gloss that's a little bit brighter than your natural lip color and this is a great way to plump up the lips without overpowering the face.

As you can see this was a really simple way to pump up the eyes, make them look sexy and also get a sexy pout as well. By adding one nice really deep color to your everyday makeup look, you can instantly have that beautiful smoky eye and sexy lip.



  1. wow that look is gorgeous. <3 I especially love the lips!

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