Must Have Holiday Kits from NYX

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is beauty kits. I get all of my favorites in one set and often get to try new colors without having to buy each product separately. I save money and get my beauty fix. NYX has introduced several new holiday kits that you'll absolutely love. They're affordable and you may just buy them for yourself instead of someone else.

I'm absolutely addicted to lip gloss, so I was thrilled to see NYX is offering two different lip gloss kits for just $20 each. You can choose between The “It” List Pink or The “It” List Natural. Each contains five different glosses in different formulas including mega shine, plumper, creams and butter gloss. I'm partial to the pinks, but the natural colors are perfect for adding a bit of color for any occasion.

NYX has appealed to my other beauty weakness – nail polish. I somehow find a way to use even the oddest colors. The Heat Is On nail polish set contains 18 warm tone colors for only $20. Trust me when I say these colors will make your nails pop. From neons to glitter, this set has it all.

Give your eyes a treat this season with the Jumbo Eye Pencil Collection – Center Stage. NYX has combined their six best selling shades in one irresistible kit. I love these pencils because their easy to apply and can be used as liner and shadow. Plus, you'll find a reason to use every single color. At only $20, it's a must have.

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