How to Apply Luminous Powder


Today's question is how to apply luminous powder . Well, this is a great question because right now luminizing powders are popping up all over the beauty market and there's great reason too. They add a soft focused glow to the face, can help to minimize pores and help to liven up an uneven skin tone or a dull complexion. The tip that you need to know though is not apply it all over the face. This can sometimes lead to a shiny look or just too much glow. You want to make sure that you apply it only in certain areas.

I prefer to use a loose powder because it gives me more control. Now you need to keep the powder an illuminizing powder on the top of the cheekbones, right here on the top of the eyebrow. You can do it on top of the Cupid's Bow and even on top of the eyebrow bone right here. Now as you can see it comes off very, very intensely, so you want to make sure that you blend it in. I like to use small tiny circular strokes.

Now you can see the difference of how that instantly brightened up her face and gave a really beautiful soft look and a last tip that really helps is you can use these luminizing powders to enhance the decolletage area. It's perfect for Summer when you are wearing beautiful strapless Summer dresses. And that's it, easy and simple ways of how to apply luminous powder .



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