How to Dress a Makeup Room


Today's question is how to dress up a makeup room? Well actually, it's very easy and very inexpensive.

First off, you want to make sure that your makeup brushes are out in the open so they are easy to find and easy to grab when you are applying your makeup. You don't have to do anything expensive. As you can see in the video above these are some great little pots that keep everything together and out in the open. And guess what?! I got these at the 99 cents store. So perfect.

The next trick is to make sure that you've separated your makeup into categories. That way it's very easy to find when you are in a hurry. One of the worst things is fumbling around a makeup drawer when you have five minutes to get ready. As you can see these are separated concealer, foundations, eyeliners.You can even do it separated into categories work makeup, night time makeup, day time makeup. Think of all the possibilities and the ways that it can make your life easier. Another great thing these boxes are from Ikea. Build them yourself and get them for a great price.

So, as you can see it doesn't take a lot of money to make a fantastic makeup room. You simply need a few boxes to help keep your makeup organized. And make sure that your brushes are out in the open so that you can constantly get at them for quick and easy access. I hope this answers your question and good luck organizing your makeup room.



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