How to Freshen Up Your Face

Today I'm going to show you how to freshen up your face. We all get tired, and during the day with work and errands our makeup can sometimes get a little dry and a little cakey. The easiest way that I like to keep the makeup and the look of your face fresh throughout the day is to use a makeup spritzer. makeup spritzers usually contain a really fine amount of essential oils, antioxidants and water that help keep your face moisturized and also keeps the makeup from drying out or looking cakey. I simply keep a thermal spring water spray in my purse at all times. Every few hours throughout the day, I hold the can six inches away from my face and spray it lightly on my face, not to wet it, but to just moisten it enough to give a fresh glow and refresh your makeup. If you have oiler skin, look for a facial spray that has teakwood oil in it, which will help to keep your face refreshed and your oil at bay.



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