How to do flashy eye shadow

Today's question is, "How do I get flashy eye shadow?" Well, there's actually multiple ways you can go around doing this. But, one of my favorite techniques is to add a couple of complementary darker and vibrant colors.

In the video above, the model has some beautiful bright purples around her eyes and to get it to be a little bit more flashy and fun, I'm added a deep blue.

  • This deep blue is going to be really beautiful against the purple and the two colors will make it very vibrant.
  • I'm going to concentrate this blue on this outer corner right here, at this inner V and bring it up just a little bit throughout the eye.
  • I'm also going to bring it and blend it a little bit with that purple, making it even more smoky.
  • This vibrant color can be used on the red carpet for an evening out, and as you can see it really popped the eye, made her look like bright, made her look vibrant.

And it's a great way to get that flashy look without doing too much on the eyes or the face. Keep the rest of the face simple with clean skin and beautiful peach cheek and a nude lip and you're good to go. 




  1. This is just amazing! =)

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