How to reduce swelling in the eyes when you first wake up


Today's question is how to reduce swelling in the eyes when you first wake up. Well, the answer is to make sure that you're preventing any swelling in the eyes the night before.

  • One of my favorite tips and tricks is a product called Midnight Recovery Eye Cream  by Kiehls. This is a miracle worker in a little tube. It actually helps to take care of your eyes and restore your eyes so that when you wake up, you look refreshed.
  • no puffiness, dark circles are lighter and your eyes look like you've been sleeping eight hours, even if you've only gotten four hours of sleep.
  • These have essential oils and lovely botanicals that really help to moisturize, hydrate and refresh the eye area. This is a secret tube that almost every makeup artist I know recommends it to their models and actresses, so you don't have to worry about puffiness in the morning because you're taking care of it while you sleep.
  • Before you go to bed at night, you can even keep this by your bed for a quick application. Make sure that you take a few drops of the product and simply apply it around the orbital bone of the eye. You don't need to put it all around the eye, just concentrate on this outer area, pat it in, do not rub as that can really irritate and pull at the sensitive eye area. Simply pat it into the eye.


  1. I hope this works for you as well! don’t need to add the Eye Enchanted Cream.

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