Bronde Ombre’ Perfection!


by Sian Bitner Kearney

Okay I’ll admit it, when it comes to the Kardashians, I’m not the best at keeping up. However, when I recently stumbled upon a photo of the three sisters, I found myself in total awe of Khloe’s latest look. While she’s been rockin’ the ombre’ hair for a while now, this bronde perfection is quite possibly the most gorgeous look I’ve ever seen on her. To get your own bronde goddess ombre’, you’ll need to do the following:

See your stylist BEFORE you plan to color: We all know that feeling of exhilaration that hits you the moment you’ve decided on your perfect color for the season. You want to run to your stylist ASAP to make your transformation, but slow your roll just for a moment. Any ombre’ look is one to step into lightly. Schedule a consultation with your stylist beforehand, even if he/she has been doing your hair for decades. If you don’t confirm ahead of time that he/she is well versed on the ombre’ process, you may find yourself walking out of the salon looking as if you’ve been too poor to do your roots for six months.

Make it a Gradual Effect: This ombre’ is much subtler than the ombre’s of summer’s past. There are no harsh transitions from brunette to blonde, it actually looks like the sun has just kissed her hair. It’s also important that your stylist understand it is a BRONDE shade you’re seeking. This means a good combination of color somewhere between a dark golden blonde and a light warm brown. To avoid a difference in opinion, always bring a photo to the salon and even ask to see the color swatches before the process begins.

Be Prepared to Style Your Hair: While this look is by far my absolute favorite for the season, it does come with some styling maintenance; meaning, if you’re more of a wash & go kinda gal, this look may not be for you. To truly showcase an ombre’ color, loose waves are always best, so be prepared to become best friends with your curling iron. Have Fun with it: Perhaps the best thing about this beautiful, bronde ombre’ is that it’s meant to be as fun and fearless as summer itself. The look offers a carefree type of edge, much more rock n roll than your old school foil highlights, and let’s be honest; it’s just flat out sexy! Pair it with a good spray tan, and you’ll be ready to let your inner Goddess run wild!


  1. Hair styles play a major role in ones personality. Hairs should look good and healthy.

  2. I love the look but I will have to confess probably not for me since I am more of a wash and go girl. I only style my hair for special occasions. I know, I have a beauty blog and don’t like styling my hair…. but I love applying makeup so it balances it out…..right????…..LOL!

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