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by Sian Bitner Kearney: 

Have you ever found yourself endlessly searching online or on drug store shelves for the perfect moisturizer only to give up, defeated by the overwhelming number of products? Have you ever wished that there were a simpler way to find the best products without having to conduct all of the trial and error yourself? Dermatologist Fayne L. Frey, M.D. feels your pain and has brilliantly formulated a simple solution called At, you not only have a place view pertinent information about products for anti-aging, sun care and moisture retention, you can also find products based solely on your individual needs. The process is quick and simple, click on the “Product Selector” tab, answer a few questions, and bam – customized products just for your skin type and individual needs!

Frey said the idea for came to her after she noticed how confused many of her patients were about what products to use. “On a daily basis I am asked in the office, ‘Dr. Frey, what is the best moisturizer?’ or ‘What is a good sunscreen?’,” she said. “After more than twenty years of dermatologic practice, I realized that my patients were overwhelmed, and often frustrated, by the selection of over-the counter skincare products with no scientific method to select a desired product. My solution was; a free, educational, easily accessible resource that simplifies the process of selecting skincare products.”

Frey is certainly no novice when it comes to skincare selection. With a resume jam packed with impressive degrees and more than 20 years of professional experience, she has developed a true passion for skin and the knowledge of what it takes to keep it safe and beautiful. Frey says what makes her site different that the average product selection site is two fold; one, she has no financial interest in any product or manufacturer on the site so all recommendations are based purely on the facts as determined within medical literature. Two, the site offers a product selector that helps consumers select products based on their individual needs such as fragrance free products for sensitive skin or special products for skin conditions such as eczema. What’s even better is that the majority of the products suggested are affordable and typically available at your local drug store.

Of course, having a renowned dermatologist at my disposal, I had to ask her thoughts on the biggest beauty/skincare mistakes she sees consumers make. This is what she had to say:

1. Mistake # 1: Purchasing very expensive products that do no more than hydrate. They would be better off purchasing a quality moisturizer from their local pharmacy.
“Based on scientific research, I assure you, there is no “Fountain of Youth” in a bottle. The workhorse of every OTC moisturizer (including anti-aging creams) is its ability to hydrate the skin. Imagine if a raisin is pumped with water, it becomes a grape. This may decrease the appearance of fine lines, but it is a temporary hydrating effect only. Consumers often purchase extremely expensive “anti-aging” creams expecting actual rejuvenation of the skin.

2. Mistake # 2: Most individuals do NOT apply daily sunscreen (or a moisturizer containing a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.)
“A Magic Potion! It exists. It prevents 90% of sunspots, wrinkles and saggy skin. It is sold everywhere yet only one in ten Americans actually applies it daily. Scientific studies shows that compared to other OTC ingredients, the most effective “anti-aging” preventative ingredient available today in skincare products is sunscreen.”

3. Mistake #3: The use of too many harsh products.
“The skin has an amazing ability to hydrate itself. It produces lipids and proteins that help maintain adequate water content to help keep it soft and supple. Consumers use too many products (harsh soaps, toners, astringents) that contain ingredients that actually strip the natural lipids and proteins that help keep the skin hydrated.”

So there you have it ladies! For more information on Dr. Frey or do make your own customized product selection, visit

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