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by Marilyn, contributor to  Weheartthis.com

Get your glow on in just minutes!

I love being out in the sun--with sunscreen, frequently reapplied, of course!--but sadly, here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve had a serious lack of sunshine and my pasty legs are looking a little scary! How to get a healthy, cancer-free glow? While tanning lotions have come a long way, a few past incidents which turned me into a splotchy Oompa Loompa have made me a little hesitant to use self-tanner. I have warm, light-medium skin anyway, so I don’t neeeeed to be darker, but who doesn’t want to look like a bronze goddess who’s just returned from the tropics?!


Fortunately, tarte has come to the rescue with their Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Face and Body Self Tanner! It promises to give you a beautiful tan while softening your skin--all in one streak-free, pleasant-smelling step. Maracuja oil, which contains essential fatty acids, seals in moisture and vitamin C brightens skin. And tarte’s PUREshield scent-control technology means you won’t reek like tanning lotion! The gel itself is tinted and immediately begins to tint your skin, with the color developing fully after a few hours.


tarte’s self tanner comes in a cute squeeze tube (love the wooden lid!), and a thin foam mitt is included. The mitt helps to keep your hands stain-free, and eliminates streaks. I would guess that one tube will last approximately half a dozen applications if used sparingly. The tarte Brazilliance self tanner is a beautiful tan that worked well on my NC 20-25 skintone. There was a subtle but noticeable difference between the leg with self tanner, and the leg that had no product.



-Natural looking color--no orange tint!
-Some color instantly (depending on how much product applied) and color continues to develop over the next few hours.
-Quick dry time (10 minutes)--After accidentally sitting on my yellow and white striped sheets, no transfer!
-Mitt does help apply product evenly and keeps the gel from staining your hands
-Slight scent is fairly pleasant
-tarte products are always formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic fragrance, or gluten. And they’re always cruelty-free!

-$37 for one tube is spendy!

Although the price does sting, tarte’s Brazilliance self tanner is a safe, sun-free way to get a natural glow in a hurry.

How do you get your glow on for summer? Do you wait until the sun’s shining, or do you start lathering on the self tanner early spring?


  1. I have had little success with these self tanning products so even though it is ‘spendy’ ii would be worth it to not look like a pumpkin.

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