5 Things We Can Learn About Beauty From Supermodel Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen

DuJour Magazine sits down with this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model, Chrissy Teigen as she dishes her favorite beauty products, and admits to breaking the biggest beauty rule - she doesn’t wash her face at night! Read below for five things we can learn about beauty from Teigen:

1.) When life is simple, life is good. From Teigen’s two favorite outfits consisting of jean shorts, a slouchy shirt and chunky boots, and a terrycloth towel to her favorite product- Aquaphor, her simplicity is perhaps something that makes her so gorgeous.

2.) Going against the rules of the beauty industry isn’t so bad after all. After making a comment that hinted towards the idea that she doesn’t wash her face at night, when asked the question, “You really don’t wash your face before bed?” Her response was, 

3.) Plane rides can be a great time for pampering. “My face never looks better than when I get off a plane. Because I never wash my face before bed, ever, in real life, but on airplanes the second I get in my seat I use my face towels, I’ll use a nose strip, I’ll do everything,” said Teigen.

4.) Every woman needs her favorite beauty products. Teigen swears by SK-II face masks and under eye masks, Aquaphor, Benefit brow kits, and Oribe, and continues by saying, “I could go on forever.”

5.) Beautifying yourself is a continuous act. Although Chrissy Teigen is quite the admired supermodel, she proves to be only human: she admits that the least glamorous thing that happens during a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition shoot is when someone tweezes a stray bikini line during the shoot.

While women always aspire to be like supermodels whether it’s because of their amazing bodies, perfect hair, flawless skin, and more, it’s important to realize that they are just like us too! From forgetting to wash your face, and forgetting to shave that stray bikini hair, and having different ideas of beautifying yourself, Chrissy Teigen, not knowingly, teaches us that beauty itself is defined in many different ways from the products we each use, to the regimes we each practice, and even down to our own least glamorous moments.

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