Makeup Trends for Winter


As the brightly colored leaves of fall slowly turn brown, the winter season is creeping into view. You may be aware that winter calls for a new wardrobe, but did you know that it’s also time to update your look? Not to fret. We have the top five beauty trends to keep you looking hot […]

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Control Your Hair, Rain Or Shine

Control your hair rain or shine

Image courtesy of @Negin_Mirsalehi When the weather throws a tantrum, a gorgeous head of hair is no easy feat!  No matter what’s in the forecast where you live, Jet Rhys shares her tips on how to control you hair, rain or shine. Snow & Rain Whether you live in NYC, Seattle, or Aspen, the temperamental […]

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How to find the perfect red lipstick

find the perfect red lipstick

Photo courtesy of Glamour Looking for the perfect red?? According to celebrity makeup artist, Nick Barose, it’s easier than you think because there are so many textures to choose from: • The super matte, opaque ones look really trendy but might be really hard to pull off for most women. Opt for ones that are […]

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Top 5 Fall Trends


Summer’s gone and cooler weather may just be here to stay — and for us, the name of the game is layering! Transitioning between the seasons can be super difficult — especially if your wardrobe doesn’t allow you to switch into new clothes. It’s always good to keep a few fabulous pieces from the summer […]

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Celebrity Concealer Secrets

Close up of womans eye

Tackle Eye Beauty Issues With Celebrity Tricks From under eye circles to lashes that just won’t behave, I constantly find myself tackling beauty disasters thanks to my baby blues. Since your eyes are usually the first thing people notice, you want them to look great. Take these simple tricks celebrity makeup artists use to ensure […]

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Best Beauty Looks for Date Night


Whether you’re married or dating, planning a date night not only gives you a little romance to look forward to it’s also the perfect excuse to ditch your day-to-day look and go for that little extra bit of gorgeous! Here are our top five picks for gorgeous date night beauty. Lip Stains Few things ruin […]

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The $7 Secret To Save Your Hair From Breakage

Tripe resist reinforcing shampoo

Photo courtesy of I recently made a very drastic hair change.  I went from my natural redheaded glory, to a golden shiny shade of blonde.  Why?  Well, the first answer would be that my luscious locks turned grey almost 5 years ago, and keeping my “natural” hair color maintained was killing my wallet (they […]

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