How to let go of your Frenemy


Illustration by Suzy Birmingham She’s Regina George; you’re Cady Heron. She flirts with your new boy toy, she only talks about herself, or she’s just a magnetic to drama. Of all the complicated relationships we have today, the frenemy is a very specific one: Over her? Hate her? Used to love her? She pushes your buttons, but […]

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A mother, her millennials and a timeless makeup formula


Photo courtesy of NUDESTIX Don’t let these disarming Canadian sisters Taylor and Ally Frankel fool you. Like typical metropolitan millennials, Taylor and Ally Frankel are image-conscious, savvy, techie and articulate. At the ripe ages of 16 and 19, they possess the same determined ethos of any entrepreneur: encounter a problem, provide a solution. Wise beyond […]

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How To Make Friends As An Adult


Photo via Fashion Was Here It’s Best Friend Month over here at The Makeup Blogger, and we’re talking about how to make new friends as adults.  While we love our current girl gangs, here’s a scary reality:  It’s been proven that women start to have significantly smaller social circles after their mid-twenties.  And here’s the […]

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It’s National Best Friend Day!


Photo via Life With Me It’s National Best Friend Day!  With the plethora of silly unofficial holidays out there (National Yarn Bombing and Jerky Day…wtf?!), we have no complaints about any excuse to call our ride-or-dies and thank them for unconditionally and relentlessly sitting with us on this wild roller coaster called life (aka putting […]

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7 Hair Products All The Cool LA Girls Swear By

Photo courtesy:

Photo via Song of Style Ask any hairstylist in Los Angeles what all the girls are requesting (I asked our girl Alissa Smith from MeCHE), and it’s that signature blunt-cut + beachy wave.  There’s one hairstyle that seems to reign from all of Sunset Boulevard to the rooftop of Ace Hotel: collarbone lobs, sunkissed strands, and a perfectly tousled bedhead that makes one think, […]

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Have A Side Of Egg Whites With Your Facial


Not gonna lie, it’s pretty amazing that our kitchens have become our second beauty arsenals.  Tumeric masks, yogurt, and honey facials–we’re looking at you.  Add one more insanely good ingredient to this growing list: egg whites.   Though the association with egg whites is typically via fit gurus who ingest protein like it’s going out […]

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Secret to Beautiful Hair, Skin and Nails


Seaweed. You heard me. Those shiny, slippery plants from the sea are the secret to luminous beauty. But I’m not talking seaweed body wraps, or scrubs, or even seaweed in your shampoo. I’m suggesting that you eat the stuff. You see, seaweed is one of the best-known sources of minerals for the human body, and […]

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