Find your balance, part 2: Whole Grains


Photo courtesy:  Precision Nutrition Earlier this year, we began exploring balance, a concept that gets thrown around in pop culture, magazines and on TV. We are fascinated by what it really means and how we can explore it. In the first Balance story, we looked at sleep, and encouraged you to let yourself get seven […]

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New and old ghostbusters


Buckner/Variety/Rex/Shutterstock The tide is turning. Ghostbusters has been re-made. A reboot, by director Paul Feig, features four fantastic ghostbusting babes: Kristen Wiig (whom Feig directed in Bridesmaids), Melissa McCarthy (of Feig’s Spy), Kate McKinnon (SNL’s secret weapon for the last couple of years), and Leslie Jones (in Trainwreck and whose comedy resume goes back further […]

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Go From Hungover to Brunch-Ready in 5 Mins

Photo Via Zoe Report

Photo via Zoe Report Your phone alarm is blaring in your ear after a late night of tequila shots, you’re hungover, and to top things off, you’re late for brunch!  Fear not.  It’s me, your Hangover Godmother.  It’s my job to shed light on some of the tougher predicaments in life (like this one), and you’re […]

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Who’s The Peanut Butter To Your Jelly? You Answered


Image courtesy:  Courtney Scott and Kiersten Rich As we wrap up National Best Friend Month, we’re sitting down with our greatest source of inspiration: YOU! As we read your submissions, it was hard not to swoon, feel verklempt and even a little FOMO learning about the love and misadventures shared between you and your besties. […]

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Why is Hillary Clinton so polarizing for women?


Illustration by William Bahan We at The Makeup Blogger don’t understand why women have such deep-seated issues with Hillary. We appreciate why some women might not love her, or not like her that much, but to … hate her? From what we gather, here are some reasons why women begrudge her: She’s Driven and Successful: […]

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How to let go of your Frenemy


Illustration by Suzy Birmingham She’s Regina George; you’re Cady Heron. She flirts with your new boy toy, she only talks about herself, or she’s just a magnetic to drama. Of all the complicated relationships we have today, the frenemy is a very specific one: Over her? Hate her? Used to love her? She pushes your buttons, but […]

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