Ingredient Lowdown Series: The Truth About Retinol

Ingredient Lowdown Series: Retinol

Photo When it comes to learning about the latest product ingredients that’ll make my skin supple and glowy, my inner science nerd can get lost in beauty Reddit rabbit holes for hours.  Are you combating blemishes and redness?  I’m about that BHA life.  Need a facial oil that won’t clog your pores?  Argan oil […]

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Fact: Men Are Vainer Than Women

Vanity and male celebrities

As The Makeup Blogger’s resident pop culture anthropologist, the 2017 Golden Globes stood out in a number of ways to me. It wasn’t just Meryl Streep’s speech or the triumph of diversity, it was the egregious use of male bronzer. Perhaps it was my friend’s HDTV, or maybe it was the poor blending job along […]

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3 Golden Globes Makeup Looks (With Step-by-Step Tips)

Golden Globes 2017 Naomie Harris, Lily Collins, Emily Ratajkowski

Awards season kicked off last night, and the Golden Globes did not disappoint! The glamour, sequins and Moët were in full effect… as was major beauty inspiration from some of our favorite stars. We had a difficult time choosing our favorite makeup looks, but these women were the undeniable show stoppers:     Our national […]

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January: The New You Revival

January New You Revival

At The Makeup Blogger we’re all for taking small steps toward your goals, whether it’s something simple like eliminating unnecessary apologies (e.g. “Sorry!” when someone bumps into you) or finally turning your passion project into a full-fledged business. So instead of declaring on Facebook that we’re going to pull a total 180 in 2017, we’ve […]

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