Resolve to Tell Yo Truth in 2017

Tell the truth

Illustration by Rebecca Flato Truth be told: I’m a bit of a fibber. I’m not an out-and-out liar; my deceit is the kind that many of us indulge in—people-pleasing, refraining from telling the whole truth, lying when I’m afraid to be fully authentic, in relationships and in life. I justify my lies by telling myself […]

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How To Get Second-Day Hair (on the First Day)

Second day hair

Whether it’s a genetically oily scalp or a SoulCycle obsession, there’s a reason why some of us wash our manes every day. But here’s the thing: By shampooing every 24 hours, we miss out on “second-day hair” — hair that’s had time overnight to accumulate natural oils, as Luis Payne of Hairroin Salon describes. The […]

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4 Beauty Oxymorons That Will Change Your Life

When Lily Collins brows became the trendy new standard for arches, I was disappointed that my barely-there hair would bar me from jumping on the bandwagon. Luckily, beauty sorcery (a wand with an ultra-fine tip and a spoolie on the other side, along with some professional guidance) gave me full, bushy brows that would make […]

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