Can confidence come from a razor?


Photo courtesy of Teen Vogue I remember the exact moment I realized I wanted to—no, needed to—shave. In sixth grade P.E. class, stepping onto the basketball court in gym shorts, I noticed a boy sitting at eye level with my legs, staring, and suddenly I became very aware of my prickly hairiness. I. Was. Mortified. I’m […]

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$20 A Month Finally Cleared Up My Acne


The internet warned me that if acne doesn’t pay you a visit during your teen years, it’ll catch up with you eventually. Like when it said it was time to retire whisker jeans, the internet was right. Again. I had clear skin my whole life but in my mid-20s, I found myself suffering through a […]

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Have A Side Of Egg Whites With Your Facial


Not gonna lie, it’s pretty amazing that our kitchens have become our second beauty arsenals.  Tumeric masks, yogurt, and honey facials–we’re looking at you.  Add one more insanely good ingredient to this growing list: egg whites.   Though the association with egg whites is typically via fit gurus who ingest protein like it’s going out […]

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Top 5 Supplements That Clear Up Acne


Acne is a common skin problem that affects millions of teenagers and adults. It isn’t not fun, but there are supplements you can take to help your body regulate oil production and other processes. Five of the top supplements that will help to cure acne and give you clear skin include MSM, Zinc, Vitamin A, […]

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