Behind The Brand


Kim Do (pr. “dough”) grew up in the Pacific Northwest, where she began smearing her mother’s makeup—quite recklessly–at the age of six. By eight, she noticed that her mom’s foundation wasn’t the perfect color for her skin tone. In middle school, she was developing new “looks” for her friends, doing slumber party makeovers, and sneaking contraband lip gloss into class.

During her college years, Kim wandered from her post in the Nordstrom Young Mens’ department to the Makeup counter, where she dipped her fingers into makeup testers. After showing off the skills she hadn’t realized she possessed, the Makeup counter ladies asked her to do faces at the Bobbi Brown counter. Mesmerized by the magic of makeup, Kim has never looked back.

Upon moving to New York City, Kim worked at Glamour magazine and Fox News. John Legend, Anne Hathaway, and Katie Couric–among others–have all been transformed by Kim’s paints and brushes.

While freelancing for CBS, Kim powdered the face of her most famous client: Barack Obama. Having noticed a curly-cue of hair within his left eyebrow, she repressed her urge to trim it with her trusty scissors, lest the Secret Service take her out. “But I would have completely understood and it would have probably been justified, over a curly-cue” she says, chuckling.

As the editor-in-chief of, Kim aspires to create a unique online community for women, exploring the complex topic of beauty. Having been exposed to all different types of women through her work—socialites, celebrities, brides and besties— she knows that beauty begins with a person’s essence; “I want to help women be the best versions of themselves, using makeup as a tool” says Kim, “Because when a woman feels good about herself, she radiates light, and warmth… and she’s fun to be around”.

Kim lives in Los Angeles.