Cargo Eyelighter

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One of the oldest makeup artist tricks is to brighten up the inner corners of the eye with a shimmery white (or soft pastel) eyeshadow.  I have heard it called the “angel effect” or even “baby eyes”.  Whatever the term, it truly does deliver a radiant, and eye opening effect.   This application was made popular by Kevyn Aucoin who used this illuminating trick on all his celebrity clients.

Now, thanks to Cargo Cosmetics here is a product made specifically for capturing this look. Cargo Eyelighter is a shadow applicator that is double ended.

The first side is a matte shadow for the outer corners of the eyes, under the brows, and the lower lash line.  The second side has a rounded tip applicator with a shimmer shadow for the inner corners of the eye.

This product comes in three different colors:

* White:  this color is the universal brightener, but I suggest using it sparingly.  The white can be very bright, and is best used a night.
* Gold:  this is absolutely lovely on olive, or darker skinned toned women.

* Pink: perfect for fair to medium skin. (This is my favorite color.)

Makeup Artist Tip:  Do not limit yourself with this product.  All three colors can be used on top of the cheekbones as a highlighter, or dotted on the center of lower lip for a plumping effect.  Have fun with the soft shimmer shadow as a soft all over highlighter.  The matte shadow is also great on the center of the eyelid to accentuate your normal neutral eyeshadows and really make them pop.


  1. I have been hesitant about using any kind of highlighter because I don’t want to look too made up…I think a pink highlighter is something I’ll try 🙂

  2. The Eyelighter looks awesome!!! I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing your ideas, it was a great read on make-up.

  3. I found something similar at CVS. Almay has a new product called Wake Up. Eyeliner on one side and Highlighter on the other! 3 shades available for only $8.99 each. I purchased the Black eyeliner, gold highlighter combo. The gold does have shimmer. So no matte side like the Cargo line. The other colors Almay had were white highlight/blue liner, and pink highlight/brown liner. Just wanted to share.

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