This Curly Hair Code Ended My Lifetime Of Bad Haircuts

I cried after every haircut until this life-changing discovery. I had big, blonde curls as a baby. At toddler age, I had thick, sandy-brown waves. By 5, my dark-brown tresses flowed straight down to my waist. And by ten, it was frizzy. I’m a mixed chick: African American, Native American, German and some other unknowns […]

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The Women’s March on Washington…What’s the Point?

Women's March Washington

Truth Control Did hitting the streets in Women’s March of 2017 make a difference?  It’s a good question. Here we are, exactly one year later, and none of us could have imagined even half of what has taken place in the last twelve months, especially in the women department.  With movements like #metoo and #timesup, we […]

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It’s National Best Friend Day!

Life With Me National Best Friend Day is here again! We were so touched and teary-eyed last year when you shared your BFF stories with us we want to hear it again. What has your bestie done for you in the last year that makes her or him the creme de la creme of friends? […]

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