The Ultimate List of Best Acne Masks for the Clearest Skin of Your Life

 The Fashion Philosophy

Trust me when I say I’ve got you covered in the realm of detox facials.  After a long day, I can confidently say that you’ll find me at home pouring myself a glass of red wine and enjoying a luxuriously long face mask. There’s something about detox masks that are cathartic, too: out with the bad stuff, in with the good stuff (like yoga, but way easier).  Interested?  Read on, darlin’.  

The Everyday
Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Mud Mask

The Yes To line always does me well.  This mask is a staple at a super-friendly price point (like $16 friendly), making it tempting to keep an extra one in the shower or even leave one at your S.O.’s house. Tomato is a natural revitalizer and astringent (which means it kills acne-causing bacteria) to remind your pores who’s boss. The mask is nice and fluffy too, and I like to apply with a heavy hand on my neck and arms. The best part is you can be on your way to glorious skin in less than ten minutes. Finally, to answer the most common question about this mask: It doesn’t smell like tomatoes — just your standard lightly-perfumed facial here!  I’m into this mask whenever I need an exfoliator and quick fix for my pores.

The Fancy High-Tech Mask
Dr. Brandt Magnetight Age-Defier

This is a futuristic mask if there ever was one. It’s infused with iron, which is a natural purifier — even the name “Magnetight” sounds like it should be a superpower in Tron. Liberally apply this magnetic formula on your face (Tron voice optional). After 30 minutes, remove with the provided magnet by slowly gliding it over skin — not touching it, but hovering over it. This seems gimmicky, but if there’s anything to shrink pores in super-stubborn places (um, hello area-around-the-nostrils), I’m game! They recommend covering the magnet with tissue to remove the mask for easy clean-up.  This mask is slightly greasy after removing the magnetic particles so make sure you give your face a good wash when you’re through.  Iron particles will help refine and cleanse your complexion, and hey, no fine lines here!

The Sheet Mask
Boscia Charcoal Pore Minimizing Mask

Sheet masks are usually known for their ultra moisture-locking qualities, but this one from Boscia manages to hydrate and suck out the pore-clogging gunk without overdrying. Talk about overacheiving. Packed with charcoal and tree tea (natural detoxers), this is a two-piece mask, so it fits snug-ly (as opposed to you trying to force-fit a too-small mask around your eyes, nose and mouth… you know what I’m talking about). Once it’s on, It absorbs sebum and oil, leaving skin squeaky clean — but not dry and flaky.  I’ll always recommend my age-old trick and tell ya’ll to stash sheet masks in the fridge for optimal cooling feels. After this mask, your pores will look smaller and less congested.  It’s like the Zyrtec for skincare, you know?  

The Secret Weapon
Glamglow SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment

SUPERMUD came at a time my skin really needed saving (I had to lay off my acne meds for a month since I got my eyebrows microbladed).  Fleeky brows aside, blemishes started to peek through my skin and I was looking for something a little more potent that could cure my breakouts.  Upon first touch, you really feel tingle and work its magic (I wanted potent, right?).  I can confidently say that my skin has never felt this incredible after just 30 minutes of anything.  Apparently, 3,000+ Sephora reviews feel the same.  

The Spot Treatment
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Okay so this isn’t a mask, but I’d never met a spot treatment like this one that demolishes pimples before they’re a thing.  Oddly, you don’t shake the bottle to this guy; keep the calamine settled at the bottom and use a Q-tip to dip into the jar and dab generously.  PMS pimples and stress breakouts?  Bring it.  

Green smoothies and sauna sweat sessions, make way.  There’s a new way to detox.


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