Resolve to Tell Yo Truth in 2017

Tell the truth

Illustration by Rebecca Flato Truth be told: I’m a bit of a fibber. I’m not an out-and-out liar; my deceit is the kind that many of us indulge in—people-pleasing, refraining from telling the whole truth, lying when I’m afraid to be fully authentic, in relationships and in life. I justify my lies by telling myself […]

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Find Your Balance, Part 2: Whole Grains

Photo courtesy:  Precision Nutrition Earlier this year, we began exploring balance, a concept that gets thrown around in pop culture, magazines and on TV. We are fascinated by what it really means and how we can explore it. In the first Balance story, we looked at sleep, and encouraged you to let yourself get seven […]

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Secret to Beautiful Hair, Skin and Nails

Seaweed. You heard me. Those shiny, slippery plants from the sea are the secret to luminous beauty. But I’m not talking seaweed body wraps, or scrubs, or even seaweed in your shampoo. I’m suggesting that you eat the stuff. You see, seaweed is one of the best-known sources of minerals for the human body, and […]

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When Life Gave This Entrepreneur Lemons, She Made Body Scrubs

Meet Jael Torrez–beauty entrepreneur, activist, and body scrub aficionado.    Torrez’s signature sugar scrubs aren’t just the result of a DIY spa day inspired “a la Pinterest.”  Her indie brand Blissfulicious is a passion project that came from very personal and poignant beginnings.  Last year, Jael Torrez tested positive for the BRCA1 gene — the […]

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It’s Spring: Diet or Align?

Spring: diet or align

It’s spring!!  Time to clean out the closet, dump the Bad Boyfriend, and most importantly… start that grueling detox. … Or is it? As we turn this seasonal corner from winter to spring, it’s normal to feel a desire to purge; we want to diet, detox, and get the gunk out. But often, after a […]

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