The Story

Fun fact about The Makeup Blogger: We’ve been around since 2008! Just to remind you how long ago that is… that was the year when President Barack Obama was just elected, Michelle Phan was just becoming a YouTube darling and gladiator sandals were the unofficial uniform for female urbanites.

Recently, the website has relaunched with an enhanced look and feel.

For the longest time, I was jet-setting around the country enhancing the faces of some truly incredible people (including Mr. Obama!). But as a defunct journalist turned makeup artist, I’ve always wanted an outlet that would enable me to express my inner Joan Didion while continuing to obsess over how to harmoniously blend a charcoal smokey eye with the perfect Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lip Lipstick.

The Makeup Blogger was founded in 2008 and I officially became the new proprietor of The Makeup Blogger on November 24th, 2015.

Now, most people assumed that being a makeup artist running a site called The Makeup Blogger I’d be all over tutorials and product reviews like a crazy woman. I love a good bold lip video, but I also wanted to make sure the most important part of the brand was that it reflects the dynamic range of women I engage with on a day-to-day basis — as a person and as a makeup artist. As an individual who’s been fortunate enough to be exposed to lots of dynamic individuals and clients, I see common threads in our humanity, specifically in relation to how much stock we put in our outer appearance, as well as how we perceive (or misperceive) ourselves and others.

Whether you’re a celebrity with a glam squad, socialite or budding professional I’ve observed that all the beauty objectives are the same. I desperately want people to see past the facades, despite the curated lives we post on our Instagram feeds. At the same time — let’s face it — some people are just more aesthetically inclined and fabulous than others. And therein lies the nuanced conundrum we must navigate.

After almost of year of rigorously working on what has been one of the biggest before + after projects of my life (including completely rebranding the site and driving a lot of individuals insane), I am finally pleased about what has been accomplished.

This is a new beginning for The Makeup Blogger. In addition to makeup tips, I’m thrilled to create a space for women have a more conscious conversation about the complex notion of beauty in our society. Excited for all the wonderful things to come, stay tuned… you won’t be disappointed. I look forward to getting to know you!

*Published on November 20th, 2016